On February 28, 2007, the long awaited opening of the Presque Isle Downs slots casino finally arrived after a series of delays.

The reasons for the delays include the fact that the Pennsylvania Gaming Board could not decide if there was a vacancy on the gaming board for the slots issue, as well as some legal problems that needed to be resolved before the slots casino was permitted to open for business.

The slots casino was able to earn around $9 million on its opening day. It is also expected to attract gamblers from Northeast Ohio. According to officials, the Erie slots also paid out around $8.1 million on their opening day last Wednesday. In total, the Erie slots have cleared out a total of $800,000.

Among the 4 slots parlors located in Philadelphia, only the one in Erie earned search a great amount on its very first day. Slot machines have been allowed in Erie, especially in the horse race tracks, in an effort to revive the residents’ dwindling interest in the horse racing industry.

Eugene Sessa Wins Wheel of Fortune Progressive Slots Jackpot Prize at the Oneida Mason Street Casino

On April 27, 2007, Eugene Sessa, a former firefighter from the Town of Racine, won $217,036 at the Jackpot of the Wheel of Fortune slot machines at the Oneida Mason Street Casino.

Eugene Sessa, who was celebrating his 48th wedding anniversary with his wife and immediate family members, commented that at first he was reluctant to accept his daughter’s suggestion to visit the Oneida Mason Street Casino.

He spent around $20 on the quarter slot machines before hitting the big progressive mega jackpot on the vieraskynä Slot Machines, which is played by patrons at more than 16 casino states across the country.

It was Eugene Sessa’s first visit to the Oneida Mason Street Casino, which had already given out 10 mega jackpot prizes since their opening in 2001, but Sessa was the first one to win the jackpot this year.

As a result of its record of giving good progressive jackpots to their customers, many players have been visiting the Oneida Mason Street Casino.